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why is china so racist?

right now i feel really strongly about racism in China. it’s so blatantly bad and no one is doing anything to change it. 

this is especially the case for dark-skinned/black people living there. 

people in China love to have fair skin, and it’s probably been a trait in many countries for a very long time, and so everyone looks down on people with dark skin. it’s been a historical symbol of manual labour and low status, because back in the days only poor people worked in the land and got dark skin from being exposed to the sun 24/7. even for those who don’t deliberately look down on dark skinned people, they still joke openly about people with dark skin and consider it a funny trait.

to that i often wonder in utter confusion how people can think other people’s skin colours are FUNNY and worth JOKING ABOUT. also if dark skinned people choose to live in China, they must embrace the culture so shouldn’t everyone be happy about that rather than insult them? 

i’ve always experienced situations where my relatives have persuaded me to join in with their Chinese-biased ways of thinking, and have always thought it was absurd but today i feel especially frustrated by it. how can the Chinese hate so openly in public? i remember being in China and people really looking down on me when i listened to Japanese music, or when i told them that i had lots of black friends in London. 

i’m proud to have met every dark skinned person, just like i’m proud to have met every single person i have met and got to know in my life. why should i listen to my family and push them aside because they think we’re ‘better’ and ‘less weird’? it’s just so stupid and STRANGE, how people think they’re better than others WHEN THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THEIR EXISTENCE, BUT ONLY THE COLOUR OF THEIR SKIN.

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